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Knock Knock English About Us

Knock Knock English is a private English school located in the residential area of Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, about 23 minutes by train west of Shinjuku. Known for our use of music as a primary teaching tool, many of the materials used in our classes were developed by Knock Knock English teachers. You can find some of these materials at Super Simple Learning.

Knock Knock English has established high-quality lessons with low student-teacher ratios. Baby classes (0-2 year olds) are up to 6 students. Classes are no larger than 4 students for the 2-4 year olds, who attend with a parent. Five year olds and up attend class without a parent, and those class sizes are limited to 6 students. We also offer classes for adults. Currently we have nearly 200 students, and the majority of them are in elementary school.

Knock Knock English works closely with the above-mentioned Super Simple Learning and with Eastman World, which organizes study tour packages to Hawaii. Several staff members from both companies have lived and worked in Hawaii, so there is always a bit of an aloha vibe in the air!